This cloud-based learning system provides instant results!

 With LEXO LAB, children aged 6-12 speak English out loud, all the time, and received real-time corrective feedback. It’s interactive, it’s accurate, and it’s highly effective!

It's like your child has a private,
native-speaking teacher there all the time!

Here's How LEXO LAB is Different

Active speech production, not just reading aloud.
Language in context, not just translating.
Authentic spoken language, not just word substitutions.
Nothing to download, no pens and books, no hidden extras.

So Much More Than A Speech Recognition Tool!

LEXO LAB's advanced technology analyses every phoneme that is spoken, and our young learners are tested regularly. We provide parents with a detailed progress report after the initial test and for the other tests taken after that.

Engaging and effective lessons!